Blue ray and cd player combined?

I am considering buying a new cd player as my current one is quite old. I have a very nice home entertainment set up. Nautilus 802s driven by Classe amplification. I am looking at purchasing a Cambridge 740c cd player.I listen to blu-ray music dvds as much as I listen to cds alone.The sound from my Blu-ray player, an old Sony, is better than the sound from my 13 year old Nakamici Music Bank 2 cd player. I am considering buying a Marantz BD7004 blu-ray player,instead of the Cambridge 740c. I have been told that it plays music cds as well as blu-ray dvds. I am wondering how much reproduction quality, over the Cambridge 740c, from straight music cd playing that I would be sacrificing by going this route. Any help would be appreciated.
Oppo BDP-83SE.
Since you mention Cambridge as your initial choice, do you have means to audition gear from that brand in an A/B test? Then perhaps you could hear the 740c next to the 650 BD. Similar to the Oppo BDP 83, the Cambridge 650 BD plays bluray and redbook but also SACD and DVD-A.
If you don't need analog output from the player, the plain Oppo BDP 83 is quite a bit less than the SE version, and said to be just as good in the digital domain.

Another option is to get the basic (non-SE) version of the Oppo BDP-83 and have Dan Wright (Modwright) modify it. Check archives and web for more info.