Blue Point 2 vs. Elys 2 - On an LP 12, Ittok LV II

Just got an LP 12 w/ an Ittok LVII and a Mose power supply.. Thank you to fellow A'goNer 'Philsgd'

I am likely about to pair this table up with either a Blue Point 2 OR a Elys 2.

Although I am interested in this specific pair, I am willing to listen to other recommendations in the same ballpark, BUT the main point of this post is that I would like opinions on the pairings of these carts with this table setup..

Thank you all in advance for the input.

PS.. I am not interested in listening to people to rant back and forth, which; sadly, seems to be common these days. I want information and I would like honest personal opinions on this matchup or other similar matchups.

Again, Thank you.
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I used the 110 in mine for a little while; the new Linn mat is very worthwhile if you don't have one. About $25, buy one before Linn comes up with a cute name and raises the price to $200.
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That is what it looks like to me; thinner than the old Linn mat. Also directional in that it gives a different performance depending on which side is up. I have seen test graphs which show better vibration performance with the correct side up; you will hear the difference.
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Viridian.. Thank you for your input.. In the spectrum of the thin & snappy VS thich and rich; where does the AT120E or the DL110 sit?

Stan.. I am happy to say that I was given the new mat by Phil. I have yet to hear it, but I expect good things.

Thank you both for your input.
If you have a fixed phonostage, I would concentrate on the specs. of your future cartridge purchase. Don't worry too much about your table/arm. Your tonearm will perform well with a wide variety of cartridges.
Do a common search here (forum) for the Jico styli. It can be added to a inexpensive Shure cartridge with very good results. That is the first thing that comes to mind for about $200.