Blue Note Tone Poet Series

Here are a number of videos of Blue Note Tone Poet Series records playing on my system:

Andrew Hill ‎– Black Fire - Blue Note Tone Poet Series

Donald Byrd ‎– Chant - Blue Note Tone Poet Series

Tina Brooks ‎– Minor Move "The Way You Look Tonight" - Blue Note Tone Poet Series

Duke Ellington Charlie Mingus Max Roach ‎– Money Jungle - Blue Note Tone Poet Series

Chick Corea ‎– Now He Sings, Now He Sobs - Blue Note Tone Poet Series

Altec 604 - EMT 948 - Lee Morgan - Ill Wind - Cornbread
love the Tone Poem Blue Notes, bought every one i could find. no disappointments yet.
Agree with @mikelavigne on this series. Always looking for the ones I don’t have to add to the collection. 
I could not agree more, the Tone Poet records are really special.  Between the new formula vinyl, the remastering and new pressings, they easily surpass every one of the older Blue Notes in my collection.  They are just fabulous.

There is a very charming guy posting videos on YouTube, his "handle" being 45 RPM Audiophile. He is German, but makes most his videos speaking English. He reviews LP's from all the audiophile labels, from MoFi to The Electric Recording Company.

He has done a number of videos about The Tone Poet LP's, and is very demanding and knowledgeable about recorded quality, as well as mastering and pressing. His critique includes the quality of the covers, even the labels at the center of each LP!

I discovered him via a "Vinyl Community" (as they refer to themselves) YouTube poster named Norman Maslov, He's located in Seattle Washington, and has done a LOT of videos. He is aware of audiophiledom, but doesn't focus on it the way 45 RPM Audiophile does. He too is very charming, as well as entertaining, witty, knowledgeable, and smart. He has a fairly massive music collection, on both LP and CD. Books about music too. And the largest Beatle collection I've ever seen (it fills an IKEA 6 x 6 rack!).

They are both easy to find: Once on YouTube, just enter either 45 RPM Audiophile or Norman Maslov (he refers to himself as Mazzy), hit enter, and they will magically appear. Big fun!

Herbie Hancock ‎– My Point Of View - "Blind Man, Blind Man" - Blue Note Tone Poet Series

Lee Morgan ‎– The Cooker - "A Night In Tunisia" - Blue Note Tone Poet Series
Are they planning more releases in this series? I am waiting for Eric Dolphy and Don Cherry releases. 
the Tone Poets are excellent.  Very close if not identical in sound quality to the great Music Matters series.
To my ears the Tone Poet series sound even better than the Music Matters series because they benefit from the new vinyl formulation that did not exist before.  This manifests itself as quieter surfaces, hence greater dynamic range, more obvious on some releases than others.  In other respects not much to choose between them.  Don't re-buy releases that you already have from Music Matters.