Blue Note reissues as an investment?

What are your thoughts about the investment potential of the Music Matters' numbered limited edition releases versus the unnumbered limited edition copies? How about the Analogue Productions limited edition numbered Blue Notes?

(Some will be outraged, no doubt, about people buying these with the intent to sell on ebay in the future but that's a different issue. Frankly, I have no problem with it; People buy art, real estate, etc as investments and this is no different.)

I just ordered the Music Matters' subscription but plan to listen to all of them and sell only what I don't like. That said, I hope I love them all. If I had the money (I don't) perhaps I would buy two sets and keep one as an investment.

BTW, Elusive Disc just announced they have more subscriptions available in case you thought you missed out.
Buying limited edition LPs sometimes brings up an interesting dilemma. About a year ago I found a copy of Mosaic's Jackie McLean for $150 and hemmed and hawed whether I should buy it and finally did. Just the other day I saw that a copy went for over $500 on ebay. This is what sparked my post. Now I have to ask myself, can I really justify holding on to my copy when I can use the cash to buy ten Music Matters LPs with it? There are worse problems to have, but you know...
There's a lot of randomness on Ebay, and i didn't see the auction you're referring to but that result would be a rare one. The McLean Blue Note sets have averaged around $270-$280 for years. One just went in March for $270, and there's one up right now finishing in a day or two, so watch that one. So they are trading above the original cost. But what made your set a good "investment" was not rising prices, but rather that you bought it at a below market price.
Opalchip,, that McLean on ebay right now is actually a cd set. The past auction I was referring to is too old to show just disappeared a couple of days ago. Even for what you say is the average price for that mosaic set it's still hard for me to justify holding on to it. Keeping it when it's selling at that price is basically the same as buying it for that price.
Hi - Oops, for some reason, that set showed up in my search for lp's but I didn't open it to read the description. You can see a list of many past auctions here:¤cy=&sortord=ddate&thumbs=

And yes, as a professional stock trader, I would say your point of view is absolutely correct. If you can sell it for $300 and you don't, that IS exactly the same as buying it at that price.

Frankly, if you put it on Audiogon (with a reserve), you might do much better than the Ebay average. Jazz LP's are often going for truly insane prices here - which is a whole other discussion in itself.
Buy the LPs you want and you are investing in your music enjoy every time you put one on the TT. Get a spare if you think you need a back up, but think of it as a spare only.