Blue Note 75th Anniversary Initiative Vinyl

There was an interesting article in the Times last week about Blue Note Records' 75th Anniversary Vinyl Initiative. That the label is celebrating the anniversary isn't the news. It was the list, and more importantly who got left off. There are some glaring omissions. Terrance Blanchard makes the list, but Sam Rivers gets left off. Medeski, Martin & Wood gets two titles, but Ike Quebec gets stiffed. Other missing titles include Gille Melle's Patterns in Jazz, Little Johnny C, and J.R. Monterose. Plus, some artists got four and even five titles. I don't begrudge Art Blakey for making the list, but five of his records - however good - probabmy prevented some lesser knowns from any exposure at all. Seems like the list went for big names and popular records rather than doing a deep curation of the label's catalog. Anyone else see this and what did you think?
They are in the business of making $$ and they want to sell titles that people will buy.The more popular stuff sells.