Blue node 2i vs other devices

I have a question, currently I am using apple tv to stream my music from Spotify and tidal. Would the blue node 2i sound better than using Apple TV and how much better would it sound? Is it worth getting a blue node 2i to stream my music or just stick with Apple TV. 

Currently I am using arcam SR 250 AVR with bower and Wilkins speakers. 
I just got a Node 2i day before yesterday and can address your concerns about Spotify (free version) but not Tidal as I have no experience with it.  The free version of Spotify appears only “streamable” via a slight workaround using the Node 2i’s Apple Airplay capabilities.  In this regard (and to my ears) Spotify sounds the same, SQ-wise, as my Apple TV 4K does playing the same. (Using “John Coltrane’s “Blue Train”, Extended Edition, as a reference).  Where the Node 2i is a decisive higher level of sound quality than what I’ve experienced using either my Apple TV or an older Apple Airport Express has been in streaming lossless files from my computer and, to a smaller extent, Radio Paradise.  I listen to TuneIn Radio a lot and was blown away at how good some of their “genre” feeds are on the Bluesound (HD Radio “Blues” sounds good enough to elicit “free content guilt”!).  These are my subjective observations using the 2i without an external DAC and I do not, as yet, subscribe to a paid music service although I’m planning to try Qobuz in the near future...
I started with the Apple TV, then switched to my computer with a Bifrost DAC via USB and then moved up to the Node2 and now I have the 2I.

The Node 2i is a significant improvement to all other options I listed above and for me - well worth the upgrade.

If you use good power and interconnect cables on the Node 2i it will surprise you even further.

I also use small cones underneath to isolate it from the shelf

I was so impressed I also purchased the Power Node 2 to replace my A/V system and the Pulse Mini for outdoor music - and never looked back

The Node 2i is so good I have no plans to upgrade any further
- i.e. unless they come out with another version :-)

Hope that helps - Steve
I have the 2i and it has been around for awhile.  One might guess a new updated model may be coming out.  Just a guess.
the Node 2i gets listed often ands sell not much to lose in trying one...and they can also be improved with a better DAC, worth it for Tidal but not Spotify
When the replacement for the 2i comes out, unless there is a substantial increase in price, the resale on the current 2i will nosedive.  True they do not cost that much to start with.  I have a 2i.
Love, love, love my 2i with Qobuz and a nice dedicated DAC. Heaven. For $15 a month, I can listen to almost any piece of music I want...instantly and lossless(ly).

It is my experience and opinion that...having it go into an external DAC...mitigates any real or perceived compromise.

Don’t want to debate or start a flame war....but I believe even an Uber expensive streamer into the same DAC/system would sound streams bits.

If others disagree....feel free to spend more. The 2i is all I’ll ever need.

Node2i/ far biggest gamechager in my 50 years in this game.
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Try ISKC Blues Cafe if you like HD Blues.
i liked my BluNode so much i settled on four others. I like them even better.
I hate the persistance queue.
I loved my Node 2i so much I upgraded to the PowerNode 2i.  They are pairing well with my Zu Audio Dirty Weekends.  Any suggestions for a power cord upgrade?
I stream using an Audioquest Beetle DAC from my iPad. Using Apple Music, XM, or Amazon Prime currently. It sounds great to me.  Going into a MacC28 pre and a Mac 2105 amp.  B&W 802 series 80 speakers. I’m changing this out however for a full set of Dahlquist DQ-10’s with the base mod and crossover. I want to try one of the “Lossless” services, likely Qobuz. Any advice?