Blue - Like Keb Mo

My wife tolerates me playing music, quite graciously, but it's even better when she likes the music. She likes my Keb Mo CD. Any other recommendations similiar to him?
Taj Mahal "Dancing the Blues".
Lowell Fulson "Them Update Blues"
Jimmy Smith "dot com blues"
Lou Rawls "Portrait of the Blues"
Lonnie Brooks "Let's Talk it Over"
most of Robert Cray's stuff
Not all that similar, but I bet she'd like Terry Evans.
Eric Bibb
Eric Bibb Good stuff
Lou Rawls - At Last
BB King, any
I second the Terry Evans.
Thanks for all the suggestions and sorry for the mis-spelling of the header, obviously it should of read, "Blues...". My wife and I did play a few seconds of a Eric Bibb disc at Barnes & Noble, but when I switched to Keb Mo, Slow Down, it was a no contest, we purchased another KM disc. Maybe it was just the Eric Bibb CD we tried. I did notice we liked the Slow Down CD better than a couple other KM CD's.

I will jot down some of the others and look into them when I get a chance.
You must try Junior Wells, who was a strong influence on Kevin Moore's sound. Slightly less pop oriented but more real and accessible than the last couple of Mo CD's-- imo. Also, some Buddy Guy music has the same soul/blues feel
Sideways in Paridise, John Mooney and Jimmy Thackery doing an acoustic thing. Recorded live outdoors in Jamaca...tree frogs doing the background thing. way cool mix of delta blues with a new orleans groove. Rye Cooder (i think i killed the spelling of the first name) Killer slide player. John Hammond. Buddy guy is good but i wouldn't say he's anything like keb mo. KM has a lot more of the delta thing going while Buddy is all Chicago.
You have to try Burton Garr. Whenever we play his music for folks, they immediately ask who is playing and where can they find the disk. Mighty Long road is his newest and best, but One Hundred Pounds of Trouble is great also. Both are better than Keb Mo's most recent.