blue jeans cable?

anyone have any experience with these guys? i just want some good conductive cables for my zu omens...
You are much too kind.
I got my new digital coax today from blue jeans , listening to On an Island and Gilmour's guitar has never souned better. Amazing detail, highly recommended and it only has about 1 hour on it and when my brain becomes more familiar I am sure it will only improve. Best $23 I ever spent. 


Use Bluejeans every time I buy a new component. Getting just the right length with the correct plugs, welded securely, does the job for me -- and their professional cable (Belden, Canare) has superb response characteristics.

All I needed was 1.5 feet between connectors , replaced a 4 foot straight wire I have had for a few years. I use their canare for speakers. 

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He has way too much time on his hands.