Blue Hawaii tube amp

What brand would you replace the tubes with and where to get them? Thanks
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EL34 headphone amp, correct? I've found a good replacement is GoldLion KT77, readily available from many on line sources. However, Facten is would be nice to hear those questions answered.

If you want to ruin your amp, go ahead and use the KT77 tubes - NOT RECOMMENDED (you can verify this in the BHSE forum on HeadFi).

I’ve probably rolled 15 different types of EL34/6CA7 tubes in the BHSE, and found the vintage tubes to be very good - the older the better. Metal based sounded the best to me, than DD halos, followed by OO halos. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, see if you can find a couple of used matched pairs of xf3 to get an idea of what the differences are between vintage and reissues. I don’t know if QC is better, but I wouldn’t suggest using Psvane tubes due to reliability issues (I never had a quad that last more than 1200 hrs).

You should really be asking this question on HeadFi, or reading through the BHSE thread on HeadFi if you haven’t already. I doubt you’ll get much help here.
Read the review by David Robinson in Positive Feedback. He substituted the stick tubes with Siemens EL34.
When I got my Blue Hawaii, a good friend came over with several sets of vintage El 34's and 6CA7's.  I think one nice sounding pair was an xf3 tube, but, its been a while so I may be wrong.  I ended up liking a quad of Telefunken EL 34's, so that is what my friend gave me (I had a choice of any of the tubes he brought over).  The have, so far, been working out well for me.  I use them with Stax 007 mk1 headphones.
Thank you for the comments. I have did  some research before I asked. The Siemans EL34's were reviewed well so am leaning toward them. I just bought the amp and I don't even have any headphones for it yet to try. I currently am using the Abyss 1266 phi CC with the Audio-gd master 9 and wanted to upgrade so I thought I would try the BHSE and am deciding what headphones to try first. I read that someone said the Stax 009's gave them a headache after 20-30 minutes.