Blue for newbie


I'm looking to buy a Blue cd for a relative in living in Vietnam. I've no experience in blue what so ever. Could anyone please give advise on a must have Blue Cd.

Only one requirement, must be well recorded CD.

That would be BLUES.
Can't help you though...I don't like it.
muddy waters- folk singer-remastered version
Tell them to see the new Jane Fonda movie instead...she's a national hero and treasure in Vietnam!
Best of Peter Green 77-81...adieu
If you want the true original, it has to be Robert Johnson. Great later recordings are "The Rainmaker" by John Lee Hooker and "I got What It Takes" by Koko Taylor.
Alligator Records 20th anniversary double CD would be my recommendation. Lots of artists and different styles would let any newbie decide what they really like.

Im a Clapton fan most Eric Clapton cd's are good. Muddy Watters, Robert Johnson, Jack Johnson, Keb Mo. If you want something a little crazy go with Buddy Guy the guy is old as the moon and crazy as a loon. But the question is what type of blues does the person like? Do they like delta blues or chi town blues? The blues brothers sound track could be a good start.
Damn Right Dave’s Got The Blues

In addition to the other great blues artists from above.

Etta James
Buddy Guy – The real deal “live” the master of the telecaster
Little Milton
BB King
Howlin Wolf
Muddy Waters
John Mayall & Eric Clapton
John Lee Hooker
Lightnin' Hopkins Mojo Hand
Bobby "Blue" Bland
Albert Collins
Robert Cray
Johnny Copland
Luther Allison
Lucky Peterson

She done me so wrong.

in addition

The Rolling Stones
Singles Collection: The London Years

yes even the stones had the blues.

dave daddy long legs blues.
Thanks for the correction.

And to everyones else, thanks for the contribution, keep them coming
Blues has many different styles

Vocal/Rock - Janis Joplin "I got them ol kozmic blues again" the remastered version

Delta/Acoustic - Blue Rider Trio "Harp, Steel and Guts" mapleshade records

Telarc records has a pretty good selection of well recorded blues, audioquest and mapleshade are other good companies for well recorded blues.
Muddy Water's "Hard Again". The Zen Master of the Blues' finest late era recording that will show you how its done.
A real good way to get the essence of the blues is to buy the Chess Records 50th Anniversary CD compilations. Look for them on Amazon. Put "Chess 50th" into a search and you will find them. If you don't know, Chess Records was a Chicago record label that recorded Blues musicians from the late 40's until the 1970's. If you can only buy one, it should be the Howlin' Wolf. If you can afford two, add Sonny Boy Williamson. After that, you'll need Muddy Waters (2 discs, the early years are better) and John Lee Hooker.

Every one of the Chess 50th collection is a gem and worth having. Buy as many of them as you can.

Cheers (from Chicago)
Hoodoo Man Blues by Junior Wells...this got me started many years ago....a true classic.