Blue Collar Cables? The great debate

I know there are a wide variety of opinions on cables. I have read the threads about cables and those debating the costs. I’m not trying to start a debate but am looking for ideas on interconnects, speaker and power cable around the $100 range…new or used. Right now I have stock power cables, Audioquest Rudy and Topaz interconnects and Audioquest Type 4 speaker cable...all with many years on them.
Paul Speltz Anti Cables : Look no further..Right in your wheelhouse pricerange..........
agree with the Thorman and good pc's are made by MY Audio Cables..
Audio Art and Morrow Audio cables
Maybe I will get heat for this, but here it goes.

When it comes to cables, sure cables are expensive but my thinking is that if I have spent a good amount of money on speakers and audio gear, then why do I want to skimp on speaker cables ? I am not saying to spend 10k, a pair of cables, but buy something cost relative to the rest of your system.

I think of cables as being the finishing touch or the icing on the cake if you will. and are both highly reputable manufacturers who offer high quality products.
I agree with Riley804.... spot on.
I've tried a lot of cables over the years, Speltz are the best cost conscious cable I've heard. My problem with them is the lack of shielding, not as good as the higher price spread with shielding. I suspect the lack of shielding is why they sound so good, all dialectics have a sound. I'd like to hear the megabuck vacuum shielded Tara Zeros.
You can't get any more blue collar than building them yourself. Some Mogami shielded microphone cable and Vampire or Canare RCA's, half an hour with a soldering pencil and you're in business, with a couple of burned fingertips to show off to your buds.
Riley's advice only makes sense if the more expensive cable actually out-performs the budget cable. Otherwise it's just audio jewlery, or spending money to feel good.
I am not saying to spend 10k, a pair of cables, but buy something cost relative to the rest of your system.

I would suggest that you make sure you can tell the difference before dropping more money on cables. The point of diminishing returns comes MUCH faster with cables and dramatic markup for R&D, advertising, and custom materials sometimes, is can be rather extreme. I wonder how many who blindly follow such a formula and the idea that "you get what you pay for" could actually tell the difference blindly between their cables of choice and a pair of Anti-Cables, for instance. I'm not saying cables don't make a difference, I believe they do. If you're willing to put a bit of time and effort into your decision you could use the Cable Company's lending library for the cost of shipping, or you could buy and sell used (though the latter in these times may be more risky). You will always find folks on both sides of your "great debate". I'd find out what side you're on by listening rather than by asking others. As far as suggestions for cables in that price range - I'd agree with many suggestions that have already been given here: Anti-cables, Signal Cable, Blue Jeans, Canare...I'd add to the mix used Harmonic Tech Truthlink at just over $100 for a meter. DH Labs also makes some nice cables in that price range on the used market.
Haven't heard all of the cables mentioned, but the Anticables is an excellent choice. Most of us have been down the road before of assuming more expensive = better. Heed the concise and well stated advice of jdombrow.
I think I will go with the Anti-cables. A $60 for what I need I can't got wrong.

As for power cables...
Can a high dollar power cable really make that big of a difference? If you are plugging it into the wall (unless you have upgraded your house wiring) you are plugging into 20 plus feet of standard 12 or 14 gauge copper wire that costs maybe $1.00 a foot. If these high dollar cables ran straight to an audiophile breaker in an audiophile breaker box I would understand. But wouldn’t this be the same theory as running lamp cord from your amp, then in the last three feet hooking into a nice speaker cable to hook up to your speakers?