Blue Circle's PLC -2 Thingee conditioner versus Transparent Audio PLC 6 conditioner???:

Looking at two power line conditioners under $400 on sale.  The Blue Circle PL-2 Thingee conditioner and the Transparent Audio PL-2 # 6   conditioner.  The Blue Circle has received a few good reviews, especially Good Sound which was impressed by the: improved sound: that is:  blacker background for music, lower noise floor, better imaging and focus. I have  found little about the .Transparent Audio conditioner which has a more traditional appearance and layout.  I have concerns about the design of Blue Circle  unit which embeds the circuits and outlets in a 5 inch metal tube that is filled with silicon for improved  isolation against vibration.  

The review claimed that the unit gives off a pungent odor because of the silicon crystal insulation.  I am not sure that is not a health hazard along with the  potential  toxicity of the silicon.    Need some feed back about the effectiveness of both products, and the bizarre design and build of the Blue Circle unit.    Thank you

I have the Blue Circle Thingee and it's actually a piece of PVC tube and not metal (small point). Also, bought new, it didn't have the odor that some have said it has. 

As to performance, it's pretty darn good. There's no stage constriction or reduction, a blacker background with attendant detail and delineation, a better TV picture, etc. It's the only conditioner I've tried (not many in total) that did nothing negative and everything positive. It's like listening at night all day long. That's the best way I can describe it.

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I have not heard the Transparent Audio but I have own the Thingee for over 1 1/2 years. I agree with Nonoise and his comments.
I will say that if the unit you purchase is brand new, you might need to let it air-out for a week in a garage for example due to the possibility of a silicone order, which will disapate and should not be harmful. I let my second unit air-out for a week in my problem.

I have one as well and agree with nonoise.
I also have the smaller 2 outlet one that plugs directly in  wall outlet ..

Neither had any initial smell according to my nose . Would buy again

I also have a Thingee and really, really like it.  If you can go an extra hundred, I'd suggest the PLC Thingee FX2 X0e 6 outlet Power Conditioner ( $495.00 ).

Like Schubert, I also have the Puck that plugs directly into the wall ($100.00 ). 

The two work well together, but the Thingee is great on its own.

Now that I look at it I have FX2  Xoe model as well , illuminator ,
Blue Circle just makes good stuff .
The Thingee FX2 is an amazing device, incredible performance equalling PCs at a much higher cost. IMO, the Xoe model has a blacker background and reveals more inner detail in the music.

My Thingee never smelled once out of the box. If it has an odor, leave it to air out.  Anyway, it will always live behind your rack.

Thanks to all who have responded so far.  It looks like the Blue Circle Thingee is leading the race.  

 Cheers  and Happy Holidays to all

I agree with illuminator, regarding the purchase of the PLC Thingee FX2 X0e 6 outlet Power Conditioner. If I recall correctly, it actually has improved filtering over older models.
If anyone is interested PM me, I have one PLC Puck and one PLC Thingee FX2 X0e 6 outlet (neither are broken in or being used) that I could post. My additional PLC Thingee FX2 X0e 6 outlet Power Conditioner is still in use.

I would only consider the Transparent if the rest of your system use Transparent cabling.

Otherwise, I use a Richard Gray Pro400 for over 10 yrs now w/o any issue(s). Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Hi Lak,

Do you still have the FX2 X0e 6 for sale? How much are you asking?

I did buy the Blue Circle PLC  Thingee (I wish they would change the model name because it is really) stupid.  Fortunately, I have no complaints.  I does seem to eliminate RFI noise and broadcast interference, but I don't know  how one would measure that, except  that I live in new apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles which probably has appliance going on and off night and day. 

However, I did notice some compression of the sound and a less tighter bass.. I have been advised by several people that any PLC may remove RFI, but also compress the signal.

I would use it on the my LG TV and cable box if I could get it closer to them but why bother to see the Bachelor or The Voice with better definition and  color.  My only hope is the BC PLC  could make some cable shows and movies sharper and brighter which I am told is  strongly related to the  software used by the cable company to save money. 


@sunnyjim, did you buy the Thingee FX2 or the X0e model? I've owned both and noticed a lower noise floor, increased inner detail, and a more open sound. The X0e model increased the low-end detail.

The only time I noticed compressed dynamics was when my amp was plugged into the unit. For best results, only use the Thingee for low-current components.
For my amp, I use some of the BC power filters.

LR57.  I bought the FX2 because it was less money.  I have a Rogue Sphinx  integrated amp which 100 RMS. I am not sure that would qualify as a low current component.  However, I am sure you are referring to CD players, tuners, DAC's  turntables, or speed boxes as low current devices. 

Thanks for the heads up about the BC power filters, I wish manufacturer would explain the application and use  of these devices to buyers before they ship.

Are the BC power filters, those devices that are shaped like a cherry bomb, or a small version of  FX2??   I will check their website 

Even though BC states that an amp can use the Thingee w/o any sonic degradation, I have found that is not the case. Many manufacturers say to plug the amp into their PC’s, but other members’ have found that passive PC’s affect the sonics of the amp.

I have my Thingee FX2 X0e plugged into the wall, then a Furman power strip is connected. Low-current components are plugged in; preamp, CDP, tuner, TT. (Although in many cases digital should have it’s own line).

My amp is plugged into the wall and I am using (2) BC 86 mk5 filters which plug into the same outlet. That way they clean the AC line and the amp does not run thru the filters. They really lowered the noise floor. They’re also known as Noisehounds.
BC also makes Sillycone Filters, which have higher filtering, but are more expensive.

You can contact Walt at TLP Audio if you have questions, but I like that my amp doesn’t plug into any conditioner or filter.
I like the approach taken by lr57. I have my power amp, preamp, and digital components on separate lines (3 lines). I only use a  power conditioner for the digital components. I will check into the BC 86 mk5 filters. Thanks! 

Lowrider57:  Let me clarify what you said in the previous reply. I should plug my integrated amp into the wall, and not into FX-2.  I should plug all other low current devices into the FX-2   ( Keep in my I am just using the standard 2 AC wall  outlet) .  Therefore, there is no room to plug in either one or two of the BC 86MK5 filters (Why would I need two??).

I live in a apartment complex and can't replace the standard 2 AC outlet plate with one of  those angled 4 AC outlets that have to be screwed into the wall.  With my luck, I probably would get fried.  The 4 AC outlet device will not stay in place unless you secure it to the wall.  I am adverse to do that.

BTW, I  do have a device that is a multiple outlet adapter that lays flat against the wall. It was advertised on Pulse TV . Is that safe and would it work??  It does have three prong inputs. Thanks again to all who replied.

After reading up on this thread I decided to try going straight into the wall with just my integrated and it is definitely better that way. When I first got the Thingee, I had different ICs and SCs and speakers that were 95db efficient compared to my now 85db speakers and the difference in what I'm hearing is not subtle. More like night and day. 

I'm listening at levels with 2-4db less attenuation and getting better dynamics, structure, and air with what seems to be a deeper and tighter base. And it all sounds more effortless. It's immediately evident and I feel like a bit of a dunder head not realizing that with all the changes mentioned I'd overlooked this one.

Thanks Lowrider57 for the heads up. Now I have to decide if I need to get a longer PC to reach that other outlet or completely rearrange my rats nest of PCs behind the rack.

All the best,
You're most welcome, nonoise. When I got my Thingee, I plugged everything into it, including my high-current amp, due to it being called a "non-current-limiting" device. Sure, the noise-floor was lower, but there was a loss of dynamics and "air."
   I knew to plug the amp back into the wall due to all the comments made by Agon members who had previously experienced this with power conditioners.

Let me clarify what you said in the previous reply. I should plug my integrated amp into the wall, and not into FX-2. I should plug all other low current devices into the FX-2   ( Keep in my I am just using the standard 2 AC wall  outlet) . Therefore, there is no room to plug in either one or two of the BC 86MK5 filters (Why would I need two??).
Jim, I'll clarify my statement regarding the amp. In order to accommodate the BC86 filters, I'm now using a Furman power strip into the wall receptacle. Then the amp and filters plug into the strip.
I use 2 BC86 mk 5 filters because it is double the filtering. To my ears, it's like adding another power conditioner that doesn't restrict the sonics of the amp.

I got advice from Blue Circle before I made my purchase and 2 filters were recommended. The BC86's were very affordable and at that time they did not make the Sillycone Filters.

I wouldn't trust a multiple outlet adapter. It's build quality may not be as good as a duplex outlet and may not provide as good a connection. Can you provide a link of the device?

Regarding "The Thingee FX2" vs. "The X0e model".
The XOe is far superior and I would highly recommend that anyone making a purchase go with the XOe.
+1 lak. XOe is a significant upgrade.
Lowrider57, Thanks again.  Unfortunately, in my enthusiasm I did not post my latest reply to you and it is gone.  Will do it again later or tomorrow .   Cheers to all 

living in downtown L.A., you are certainly on the "grid' my friend.
Susceptible to all kinds of RFI/EMi . Keep us posted and Happy Listening!
Hi everyone, I was just going through this thread on PC'so and am interested in picking up one from Blue Circle but I was also wondering what you're using for surge protection and how everything is connected. Thanks
wmbode, I just rolled the dice and went surge-less a long time ago. Brownouts are rare and when they do occur, nothing happens to my system, save for the extremely rare times when I had to turn it back on.

For me, surge protectors just muddy up the sound. If the power is pretty stable where you live (check it throughout the day with a voltage meter) I'd go straight into the wall with my amp and source and put everything else into the Thingee. All of the other devices don't draw that much current and will be fine.

Case in point: After getting my TWL Digital-American PCs for the amp and source, I used my Zu Mission PCs for the OPPO blu ray player and my Samsung Plasma TV (they used to use some old GTT PCs-with the molded connectors). Now I thought that the Samsung was getting long in the tooth and maybe I'd look into a newer TV, but when I hooked up the Zu PC to it, the picture improved dramatically. I've never seen such deep and detailed levels of black before, not to mention the improved color palette. Same with the OPPO: much better sound and performance, and both are plugged into the Thingee.

All the best,

To Nonoise,  Will using a multiplug adapter that fits over the AC plate in the wall degrade the sound compared to plugging amp and CD player directly into the wall??   I ask because I can only plug the amp into two socket wall outlet, the other outlet I use for the Thingee.  I have a multiple AC adapter that  swings flat against the wall which I bought from Pulse TV;  but, as I mentioned before, I am not sure it is Electrical Underwriters approved. I used before the adapter without incident or summoning the fire brigade.

To Jafant  I may be on the grid, but am not near any highrises or large communication antennae. However, City Hall and the L.A. Central police station are about 4 blocks away. So far, after almost 3 years at my current residence, I don't get any RFI from radio police calls  

Sunnyjim, I have one of those multi plug adaptors on another outlet for lamps, air ion filters and the occasional vacuuming. At first blush, I'd say they are not 'audiophile' approved. 

If I understand correctly, you can use the one socket  (of the only one outlet) for the amp and use the other socket for the Thingee which can handle the rest of your gear.

I have two separate outlets that share the same circuit breaker but obviously they draw on the same line and I have the amp and SACD player on one with the Thingee on the other with everything else running off of that. To sum it up, it sounds great so I would think yours would be the same using just the one outlet.

All the best,
I use a Furman power strip that does not restrict dynamics. To my ears it is transparent and does not affect sonics in any way.
I have used the thingee Xoe with my Oyaide r0 wall seems so tighter in bass but loss the detail>>>>any one have experience thingee with other wall outlet?...  I pull it out and plug in wall with the thingee xoe and the sound seem more open and detail... could it contract one another? 
I have used the PLC Thingee FX2 X0e 6 outlet Power Conditioner with a Furutech GTX-D Rhodium (R) outlet with very good results.
Do u guys know what is cxt means on the thingee?  I just purchased a plcth model with cxt sticker on it.   What does it mean?  Is it a new upgrade or what?  
@fatgosil, I suggest you direct your question directly to Audiogon member waltstagner. He should certainly be able to answer your question.
Blue Circle closed shop a year or so ago. Anything sold new now is actually NOS.
I have a PLC Thingee FX2 with X0e add-on, 4 outlet
 about to go up for sale.
I’ve upgraded my power conditioning.

@lowrider57  I have the 6 outlet. Wondering where you went from here?
@jaybe , I did a major upgrade, moving up to an Equi=Core 1800. It's a balanced power unit; bought it used.

I bought the 6 outlet for a second system don't remember model but it was the best offered at the time 5 or $600. I read it was good bang for buck. I'm sorry but I don't think it did much. I use Running Springs in other systems, I did not expect it to do anything like the RS but I did hope to hear more improvement than offered. Even my basic Furman 15i not the power factor version sounds better than Thingee. If you can find an old Tara Labs passive power conditioner on used market grab it. The sell for 2 or $300 and will drop noise floor and put air around instruments for not much money.