Blue Circle Power Cord and Line Condtioner

Does anyone have any experience w/ Blue Circle Power Cables (BC61 and BC62) as well as Blue Circle Line Condtioners (BC85.1). Current system is a Wadia 860x directly connected to an Audio Research VT-50 driving ProAc 1SC loudspeakers. All cables are Harmonic Technology. System is powered by a 20 amp dedicated circuit.
Hello. I have, and use, the BC84 conditioner along with four BC61 power cords. They are well made. I don't hear much difference vs. stock, (take this comment with a "grain of salt" as I am not a cable guy, or maybe I have clean power to start with.) I bought them based on the great reputation of Blue Circle products and designs coupled with the fact that they are not outrageously priced. My system can be seen in Virtual Systems as "Budget British Performer." I have not compared with other cords other than OEM. Good luck. Charlie
In my experience, the performance benifits gained from various line conditioners and power cords varies with different systems and power lines.

I used both the 85.1, and the 60 series cords for quite a while in my system. They cleaned up some low level noise that I wasn't even aware was present. The sound seemed cleaner, with better definition. (especially in the low bass)

The only other line conditioner that I was able to compair directly with the 85.1 was the Monster HTS-2000. The 85.1 out-performed it, but at three times the price, you would expect it to. The difference was there, but wasn't of a jaw-dropping magnititude.

I was able to compair the BC62 cords directly with the Acoustic Zen Tsunami/Krakatoa, Synergistic Master Coupler, Mapleshade Double Helix, and JPS Power AC. I found them to be better than all but the Krakatoa, and a toss-up with the JPS.

The system consists of the Arcam FMJ CD23, Blue Circle BC3 Galatea, BC22 power amp, and Spendor SP 1/2. I have recently upgraded the amp to the superb Aloia ST 13.01 with the inductive power supply option. I still use the BC62's on the CDP and preamp, but have found the Aloia to be immune to any power cords I have tried. It is also the only amp I have tried, that sounds better with no line conditioning. This is likely due to the inductive power supply. The Blue Circle cords and 85.1 made clear improvements in my system, but not the kind of difference that would make you rise from your chair and yell "Holy Crap"! No powerline products have done that for me. They are simply good probucts at a fair price, and will compete with anything in their price range.
Hey Gary1,talk to Leon Rivkin a reviewer on and he did an intensive comparison review of many power cords. If you were impressed with the Acoustic Zen Krakatoa then you have to hear the BMI Whale.

Leon favors the BMI Whale Elite over the Acoustic Zen Krakatoa. Leon told me that the Whale is the most natural mids and best bass of any cable out there.

Personally I use to have KC v1's & Black Mamba. I tried the Whale by winning one on auction and my jaw dropped on the improvements. Now I have 4 Whales in my system and getting so much more dynamics & resoultion with tremendous bass control. Contact Leon over at