Blue Circle Music Ring

Considering replacing my first generation Chang Lightspeed ISO 9600 line conditioner, to maybe one of the Blue Circle Music Rings. Using Thor TPA30 tubes monos and linestage, Meridian 508/24,Kharma 1.0 speakers. My weakest link is probably the Chang. Would like to plug them all in the Blue Circle. Any feedback would be appreciated..Thanks ahead of time....
I am curious myself.
Go to There is "forum" on it, and do a search. I found two threads about it. You may want to throw in your question as well.
Hi there ,do you have a dedicated 20amp line for your system? If not do this 1st and replace your wall outlet, makes a huge diferance much more than changing conditioners.And it would probley cost less too.Happy listening .JK
Thanks For the replies : I have joined the Blue Circle Forum and will keep an eye on that.
I do have 4 dedicated 20 amp lines,and am also considering upgrading my standard hospital grade recepticles to maybe one of the 20 amp cryo'd peices.
My system does sound exceptional but I am kind of interested in the latest pecies by Audio Magic and Blue Circle. Thanks again for your feedback help