Blue Circle Music Bar - Anyone use them?

I was looking at the Blue Circle Music bar with surge protection/line conditioning and their upgraded power cord for $399 and was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback. Are there any other products I should look at at that price point?


Tough call at that price point. Most devices at that price point have very modest conditioning and commercial outlets. The Music Bar has two BC86Mk3 power pillows built in and hospital grade outlets. Plus the music bar has a better Neutrik cord connection instead of a sometimes lose fitting IEC that the others have.
I purchased a music bar a few months ago to use in me dedicated home theater and music system.

It did lower the noise floor and made the whole system more quiet, increasing the dynamic range.

I plugged my DVD/CD/SSP/TV into this which in turn run into a PS Audio P1200, then to a PS Audio UO, and then to an FIM outlet and to the wall. Even with all this power conditioning the music bar made a significant and worthwhile improvement. This is especially true given its reasonable price.

A great product. The only noise that it did not get rid of was the crap coming from the dimmer. I had to switch those out. Give it a try.
I bought this off an online seller a few months ago. It made a difference right away. These things are always iffy because their are so many intangibles. I upgraded my Power cable to the BC62 a few weeks later, and switched out the hospital cord they give you. Again, another noticeable difference.
The local shop keeps pushing the Monster HTS 2500 - it's the same price as the Blue Circle Music Bar with an upgraded power cord. I'm leaning toward the Blue Circle. Has anyone tried the Monster HTS 2500?