Blue Circle DAC BC501

Recently I had an opportunity to listen to the Blue Circle Audio BC501 DAC. This was NOT an extended listening session, but I really liked it and was overall impressed with the sound. Very smooth and analog like presentation with no hints of digital brightness at all(at least that's what I thought). Very good sounding unit!!! What puzzles me though is the fact that I can not find any discussions that mention this DAC nor there are any reviews. Anyone owns this dac? Anyone heard this dac at a demo/show room? What do you think about it? Is it a good performer? Just curious to see what people think about this DAC prior to any reviews showing up. Any thoughts?
There is a review in process by "Enjoy The Music" at

It has not been posted yet.

You could also post a question at the Blue Circle forum on their website. Obviously, the forum is full of BC fans, so it is likely to almost all positive. But you'll also get what they think it sounds like as well.

Any other questions, you can also email me. I am one of Gibert's distributors. I will be at CES this week. I will have my laptop handy as well.
The Blue Circle DAC is an excellent performer. There was indeed a discussion of it on the Blue Circle Forum. It can take a relatively inexpensive transport or CD player and turn it into an allstar. I had tremendous results driving a Musical Fidelity A3 CD player through it. It wasn't as good as driving my Wadia transport through it, but it was close enough that it was indeed noteworthy.

The BC501 DAC is a relatively new product from Blue Circle, and has not yet made "the rounds", but you will probably hear much more about it as it gets exposure. Also, since Blue Circle is known mostly for amplification products, other things they do tend to get ignored a bit.
I am still curious to see if anyone here owns this for a period of time long enough to be able to judge it against other digital sources. That would actually be nice - to see what it compares to.
hello, here is a review:
as always, read any and all reviews or any written materials for that matter with a grain of salt:
Thanks Rlew. I now have a rare opportunity to audition this dac in my own system. I will be evaluating it for myself this weekend. So I'll have an idea of what this baby sounds like in my own system. Right now I am using Bel Canto DAC2 which is a very good dac for the price, but you know how it is....there is always something better. This time my goal is to get something that I will be able to enjoy for few years before the upgrade bug bites again. I am reading this "enjoythemusic" review over and over just trying to see what I need to pay attention to when I will be listening to this dac.