Blue Circle CS vs. Unison Unico

I am awaiting the arival of my GMA Europas but I am still torn betwen amps in my purchasing. The Blue Circle gear and in my price range the CS come highly recomended from Roy of GMA. I am nervous about it just because I cant find any reviews of this unit. although with pretty good inards and point to point hand wireing i dont doubt its competance. Asside from the fact that I am unable to audition these products I dont know how conservative the ratings of blue circle gear is. That is very important...I need a very capable 50wpc from it to drive speakers in the 25x35x3 room. On the other hand there is the unison unico which has a tube output and weighs in at 35lbs, more than two times the Blue Circle CS. I have heard that the Unico does not rate the power conservativly, I am less woried about the 80wpc. It has great reviews and seemed a great product. At any rate if anyone has any Ideas, thoughts, or comments on either of these amps, their synergy with the Europas or just which one to get, let me know.

Eric Baer

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Have a look at the Pathos Hybrid amps>see their