blue circle cs vs. audio analogue

Both of these budget intergrateds have been getting very favorable press...anyone compare the two?
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Which AAnalogue amp ?Primo Settanta/Pucinni Settanta/Cento ??
Non-se pucinni...thanks
I listened to the following: Here's how i ranked them based only on what my ears heard and what my brain likes (1-4, 1 is best for me):

2.)Paganini cdp + puccini integrated + Proac 2.5
4.)Paganini cdp + Blue Circle CS + Proac 2.5

1.)Arcam 193T + Blue Circle CS + Proac 2.5
3.)Arcam 193T + puccini integrated + Proac 2.5

I don't know any of the geek terms. But here's my effort at it. The BC CS is both clear and musical. The pucini was musical to be sure, but in a different way, a little more musical and mushy, but in a way i used to like before i heard the CS. The pucini cdp didn't go well with the CS, but did better with the paganini. I think they complement one another (by the way it was last years version of the paginini). You really have to listen, if you can. If you love the audio analogue sound, I would not try for a second to disuade you. It is special to be sure. Let your ears find out your own truth.
I have a Blue Circle CS and enjoy it very much.
I can not comment on the puccini, but I can tell you I LOVE my CS.

Puccini and Puccini SE past models now.New model is the Puccini Settanta.I had a Primo Settanta to drive Revel M20s for TV sound.It was excellent for the money.Finish was also top notch.