Blue Circle CS Integrated with ATC SCM7 Speakers

I have been reading up on the Blue Circle CS integrated amp. I am thinking about ordering one. Can anybody give me feedback on this the CS? I am also thinking about purchasing ATC SCM7 speakers. Would these be a good match with this integrated?

The CS is a very nice unit. It would work very well with a pair of monitors.

I have not heard the ATC SCM7. In that price range I like the Usher X-718 or X-719. Since I have not compared the ATC to the Ushers I cannot comment on which I like best. For the money the Ushers are hard to beat for their smooth close to full range sound from a monitor.
I also own a CS. It is an amazing unit for the price.

I am not familiar with the ATC's so I can't comment on matching.

The only hesitation I'd have with the ATC SCM7 is that it has a relatively low sensitivity (84db), and while the CS may sound good with it, there are probably better matches out there if you haven't committed to the SCM7. You might want to consider something like the Von Schweikert VR-1; or slightly more expensive, the Aurum Cantus Leisure 2SE. The Green Mountain Europa might also be a decent choice if your room is small and you're not looking for big volume (it's 88db, but it's also 4ohm, so the current demand is pretty high)...