Blue Circle BC86 MK III power line pillow

I have been using two of these in my system for about a year now and I just can not seem to take them out. At first I had them both in my home theatre room and honestly I did not notice that much difference when playing movies. After about three or four months I took them out to put in my main stereo listening room and wow!!! All of a sudden my home theatre setup sounded terrible. I guess they did a lot more than I initally thought. In my main room I noticed the difference right away, but it is a much more sophisticated sound system and it is sensitive to changes anywhere in the line. Now I like to move them to the home theatre setup when I do any serious watching and put them back to my main stereo room for my daily listening pleasure. Anybody have any comments?
Try one directly to the outlet/power strip that powers your Television. You will be pleasantly surprised at what it does to the picture quality and colors.

Blue Circle has also now incorporated the BC86Mk3 on a hospital grade power cord (BC86PC) for those with an IEC; and another "The Pug" for those with a hard wired power cord.

In full disclosure: I am a BC dealer, but I feel I am being non-biased here. I am confident others who use them will confirm what I am saying. I use them myself all over the house.

I find it true that your ears will notice the difference more when you remove them after getting use to the sound. When you first insert them it is not as noticeable for whatever reason. It may have something to do with the equipment taking a while to settle in with the cleaner power. When you remove them, it is a shock to the equipment (and your ears).
try daisy chaining them.
I run three that way in my ht.
You could also get a Blue Circle Music Bar which is a 6 to 8 outlet hospital grade power bar that has the filtering of more than two BC86MkIII.
Just wondering if anyone has ever tried sticking this to or beside the electrical panel. I would think this would have a major impact on the whole system. Any thoughts???