Blue Circle BC8 monoblocks

Has anyone heard these new monoblocks from Blue Circle?
As good as their 2.1 ?
I only heard them briefly. They are slotted to replace the BC2's; although they are more powerful, they are not as detailed, or musical as BC2's. More effecient class AB (not class A), more power, with a smaller power supply. But the BC2's design will be very hard to beat (of course when mated to appropriate speakers).Also the BC8's are so much easier to manufacture. Gilbert hand made each BC2/BC2.1 I believe, so... Those BC2's will be classic's for a LONG time!
I have not heard these models but I do own the BC22 and enjoy it very much indeed. I hear the BC8 mono blocks may be closest in sound to their BC26 stereo amp. Recently, Soundstage! ( submitted a review of the BC26 in their on-line magazine whch is available for free download from their website. The BC26 was liked so much it was given their highest regarded "Reviewers Choice Award" immediately following the review. Knowing Blue Circles commitment to quality sound, I'm sure the BC8's are wonderful amplifiers, no doubt.