Blue Circle bc24 vs Aleph 3

Both these amps seem to share a simmilar design philosophy of simplicity is best.
Im thinking either one would make a good future upgrade for me, the blue circle is redily available in my area, but the pass labs is not...from what ive read the sonic characteristics of both are what im looking has anyone compared them to each other or can comment on their differences

I will be hopefully mateing them with reference 3a speakers

as to pre amps has anyone compared the aleph p to the blue circle bc 21.1? as both would seem to be the ideal mates for their respective amps?

as a combo is one better than the other?
I have an Aleph P & an Aleph 3 and they are a great sounding pair, should be a great match for Reference speakers ....
I've had both in my system, but at different times. The Aleph amps are
not as poweruil as the BCs. Reference 3As are pretty easy to drive
though. The Aleph runs hot and sucks power. The Aleph is class A; not
sure what the BC is. I had an Aleph 30 and should have kept it. Today, I
probably would give the nod to BC. I may go back to it someday. The BC
is perhaps slightly more detailed than the Aleph, the Aleph perhaps
slightly sweeter. But this depends on what BC gear you mean (SS vs
hybrid). They are both good.
Specifically the Bc24..its a hybrid
The BC will be more musical, dynamic and provide (IMO) beter resolution, specificity and dynamic contrast. They are really two very good but very different amps.
You win either way, but to my taste the Blue Circle BC24 is more transparent and detailed, with a little better bottom. It's just a killer amp for the money. Same deal with the preamps, and yes the BC21.1 is a perfect mate for the BC24.