Blue Circle BC22 MKII vs. McCormack DNA-125

Even though they at slightly different price points, (however not in Canada though the DNA-125 MSRP is CAD$ 2965 while the BC22 MKII is CAD$ 3200), has anyone heard the difference between the two?
In fact, does anyone have a flat out preference regardless of price? And why?
Any help would be appreciated to this newbie.

Thanks in advance.
Tough question.

It is really a matter of taste. I am a big fan of Blue Circle gear. That said however, there is nothing wrong with McCormick also.

BC gear simply sounds right to me (real sounding). I am solidly in the "music lover" catagory; more than being a pure audiophile; who I'll define as someone who puts preference to listening to their system ahead of listening to music.
By all means, buy Canadian! The sound is on your head anyway.