Blue Circle BC-8 Monos, have/heard them?

I am considering the Blue Circle BC-8 mono block amps. Have you heard them or does anyone own them? Has anyone done a comparision to any other amps?


I heard them with Merlin VSM-m and thought they were awesome. The first word that comes to mind is effortless. Music just poured into the room like water. Images and sounds burst out of spaces well beyond, infront of and behind the speakers. Could have been the Merlins or the amp or the player but...
They are big suckers and weigh a ton. Gilbert puts a massive power supply in them.
I have had the pleasure of hearing them on many occassions. With the Blue Herron, the VR 8 and merlin Milenium's. They sounded very good. Excellant control of all speaker drivers, huge soundstage, the clarity and sound was so amazing. The amps gave you the feeling that they had an endless reserve of power.

If you have any more questions give me a shout.