Blue circle BC 509 / 507 DAC

Has anyone tried this new DAC or compared it to any others? I am looking to upgrade my PS audio DL III and am considering this BC dac, the new wyred4sound, or the tranquility DAC.
My BC 509 arrived today, purchased it w/o hearing, first impression after only a few hours listening is this DAC is very musical across the spectrum, no over emphasis on treble, midrange or bass. Has very good dynamics ,soundstage, and separation. On Peter's White's Life Story you can clearly him plucking each note, seems like you are right there with him.

Willdecide which of my 2 systems it will be in once I get some ruin-in and try it in both

To my ears this is a DAC to seriously consider.
The 501/501b is still better.
expect that it is at 4x the cost