Blue Circle BC 3.1 galatea?

I am thinking of buying this preamp. I would welcome some actual listener feedback. (System matching , sound characteristics, function and reliability)

Thank you in advance
I preferred the First Sound preamp Presence to the BC preamp. Best I can offer you.
It is a nice preamp, but I compared it to a Joule Electra LA100 MK3 and much prefered the Joule. You might want to check one out as and they can be bought for under $2000 on Audiogon and it comes with a remote. I also owned a First Sound Presence a few years ago and once again feel the Joule is the better choice. It really is an exceptional product and I recommend it highly. Good luck.
I am the owner of a bc3 so take my opinions with a grain of salt, but i can honestly say I am happy with what it does and have no plans of upgrading it. I have heard CJ, BAT, Levinson, Pass, and Naim and can say that the Blue Circle gear takes the musical abilities of the CJ, adds the speed and dynamics of Naim, and has the accurate tone of Pass. The soundstaging and ability to place performers in the room is in its own category. For the cost it is in a league of its own especially at used prices. With only two tubes the ease of manipulating the tone and characteristics of the unit is a breeze. I am currently using Amperex PQ tubes and am looking at getting some Brimar or Mullard tubes. The unit has extended highs that somehow never become bright, grainless and holographic. Is it the best pre? No, probably not, but keep in mind it is the middle of the BC lineup. But for me this is where I want to be sonically and financially. The customer service of BC is phenomenal as well. I can pick up the phone and speaker to the designer whenever I want, indeed I have sent emails to BC and received a reply within HOURS, not days. A new BC forum is on the way so that should prove to be fun as well. Try out the Joule, I have heard good things about it, but the BC is wonderful gear.
In addition the BC has made me a better listener. I mean that I think pre with remote volumes encourage hi-fi listening. That is one listens to sounds not the music. The volume should be set and forget. The bc encourages this. Just a thought...