Blue Circle BC-28 versus other 100 wpc tube amps?

I was looking for a nice stereo tube amp with at least 100 wpc. The ARC VT-100 came to mind first and then the BAT VK-75SE (I know less that 100 wpc but high current) and then the BC-28. All pirced under $4K new/used. Has anyone compared the BC-28 to these amps or any others? Any other suggestions?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Haven't heard that particular BAT, but have heard the ARC. Based on previous experience with other BAT stuff I think you would find the Blue Circle to be more neutral and transparent, with more (and better articulated) bottom end. I would buy the Blue Circle over either of the other two any day of the week - but keep in mind I am a BIG Blue Circle fan. Having said that, the reason I am a big Blue Circle fan is because the stuff
sounds so good.
I was happy with VTL MB100's , and MB175's .........