Blue Circle BC-24 & BC-28 How do they compare??

I am looking for a stereo tube amp to drive a pair of Alon V speakers for a friends system. There are a ton of good choices under the $2K price. ARC, BAT, Cary, CJ, VTL, Counterpoint, Music Ref, Sonic Frontiers, Quicksilver (monos) adn then I saw the Blue Circle amps and wondered what if? So has anyone compared the BC amps to any of the above?

I have my personal opinions. The 24 is sweeter than the 28, but the 28 is more liquid with tons of head room. You can improve the sound on the 24 by changing the tubes. You just leave the 28 alone. Overall, they are similar. There are two very accruate reviews on these amps. They are both in Soundstage. I think these will answer your questions. Both amps are home runs. Your decision will be based upon your power needs and front end. I am vert happy with the 24.
I agree with Cellorover. I actually have a BC24 for sale on Audiogon. I've got some big home projects coming so I have decided to part with the amp. Let me know if you are interested.