Blue Circle BC 21.1 vs. Cary SLP 308

I've shortlisted these two tubed pre-amps and I was wonderin' if anyone has any thoughts or feedback on these units.

Thanks in advance to all replies!
Ah, Different presentations my friend. I like the Cary's options/features. So if that is a priority - Also what amps are they driving, as synergy is a huge goal in my book. With Cary amps I'd go for the SLP.

But I am a huge Blue Circle fan. The 21.1 uses less tubes, so tube rolling to ones taste is much easier to accomplish. I think the 21.1 has a cleaner window esp with the Shallco. Better PRaT as well IMHO. Much better with long IC's as well.

If you are shopping new & used, maybe check out a used BC3? I think a MUCH better pre than either, and right now there seem to be a few available.
As Monk says, it depends a lot on what else is in the system, and what you are trying to accomplish musically. Having said that, I think that the Blue Circle does a lot more a lot better than the Cary. The BC21.1 is a very neutral but musical performer, and lots of fun to listen to for long periods of time.
Monk and Esoxhntr, thanks for comments!

My amplification is Anthem MCA-20 (200 wpc). I love this amp's presentation and dead quiet operation. My speakers are Monitor Audio Silver S10's (which I may be upgrading to Gold Ref 60's or Proac in the near future). The people at Monitor Audio like the Anthem amps with their speakers also. I hope to have another extended listening session with the Blue Audio piece tomorrow.

Please if either of you, or anyone else, has comments or recommendations, I'd love to hear from ya!

* Home theater bypass or processor loop is a must!
Well, a home theatre bypass loop is a relatively inexpensive upgrade on the BC21.1, I know a couple of people that have had it done and it works very well.