Blue Circle Audio PLC Thingee FX2 X0e Vs. Other

I am debating on getting this fairly new conditioner with the XOe low pass filter. Does any one have any thought‘s about how well it works on amps and is it much of a improvement over the orgional Fx2 version? Also in general how would you say it compares to other conditioners,$500 almost seems to reasonable for the claims. Thanks in advance for thoughts.

I am using a Pass 250.5 and a Gallo Sa sub amp,Galo Ref. 3.5 speakers,Cary Aes Djh pre. modded Denon 3930ci Cdp and a W4S Dac 2.
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The PLC Thingee FX2 XOe works VERY well and IS an improvement over the original. I recommend it to you over other brands in that price range and many costing much more then $500. Don't let it's rough look fool you it is capable of doing a good job of filter out noise from your AC line and improving the color in your flat screen.
What are you attempting to accomplish for your system?
I might be able to be more specific.
I would be curious to know if it would work well for a cd transport and a dac to keep the digital nasties from feeding back into the system. I don't hear the digital noise in my system but I note the comments on power conditioners mention it. Thanks Lak for any info you can provide.
Good question.
I'm not sure if it will prevent the digital nasties from feeding back into the system. If you were to phone the gentleman that sells these and lists on Audiogon I'm sure he could answer your question for you. He is a very nice guy, honest and knowledgeable. My IMac is down so I don't have access to that information.
Contact (user name on Audiogon) Waltstagner, regarding your question. Post back and let us know what you find out.
Thanks Lak I'm just looking for the best all around conditioner for the money I also plan on running dedicated lines so this kind of falls in budget . I am using a One Ac right now. I'm just wondering what I would have to spend to top the Blue Circle's performance and how much better say a Walker Velocitor might be or a power regenerator.
Walt said the 'thingee's' filter out the line noise which would include the digital noise. Nice to hear.
Thanks for the information, thats good to know.

I have not used the equipment that you said you might consider. All I know is I purchased one Thingee FX2 XOe6 last Summer and was so impressed by it that I ordered a second one.

I have tried some different products that filter the AC but I found the currently produced Thingee to work very well and the price was right.

Check out my power filtration system that I use, shown in my Virtual system on Audiogon. I started years ago with dedicated AC lines which was a great improvement but I moved on to the following: Xentek Extreme Isolation Transformers
My major AC power filration system. Two 5 KVA Isolation Transformers into sub-panel that feeds all the dedicated AC power into all my music and theater systems. The Extreme Isolation transformers have a huge iron core design, noise suppression is -146 and they weigh 129 lbs. each. The isolation transformers actually sit on three 1-1/2" solid brass audio points that are on top of the cinder blocks and the cinder blocks rest on top of three hockey pucks that are on the concrete floor.
For some reasome on of my circuits was not as clean as all the others, I introduced the Thingee and it cleaned up the problem in a heart beat.

I hope this helps...