Blue Circle Audio is Out of Business

still available through Bob Neill at Amherst Audio
I thought I would clear up a couple of things about Blue Circle, including a couple of points made by has2be above.First off, I'm the person taking over the repairs for Blue Circle. I've known Gilbert for over 15 years and have been doing repairs for him all that time. The warranty situation according to Gilbert is on a case by case basis. If you have warranty concerns I can pass them along.
 I am in Hamilton, Ontario, not Burlington (close but not quite).
Secondly, Gilbert did not close two businesses. He was not an owner of Mystic Audio. The two were related though, as Mystic was one of the first dealers for Blue Circle. The reasons behind the sudden closure are confidential, but the reasoning was sound, so please try not to be too critical of the decision. Thirdly, Gilbert is not an owner of Saturn, he is only one of their designers.If you have any questions about servicing I can be reached at the email available on this site, or through my other email on my  Please be aware, that I will only answer service and parts related questions. Questions about performance or "how's it sound" or will it match this or that will be disregarded.
I own and still use one of his BC power conditioners. It does what it’s intended, and quite well for that matter. 

Well. I wish the best of luck to Gilbert in all future endeavors.