Blue Circle Audio is Out of Business

Its owner and founder are working on new things now.
Saturn Audio is the new venture it would seem.
just glad I did not buy their FtTH integrated amp (used) last year

I almost pulled the trigger


I know Bob Neill is a big fan of their stuff.

sad news, especially for owners
Sad to seem them go. Got to hear Blue Circle/JM Reynaud Offrande V2 combo at RMAF a while back. It was a great combo and really was one of the highlights of the show for me. Just wondering what happens to your Blue Circle gear now if any issues should come up?

Had the classic BC 2.1 pre back in the day. Solidly built and sonically blissful. Mr. Yeung knows how to design and build components, so I'm glad he's refocused his passion into the Saturn Audio line.