Blue Circle Audio is Out of Business

Its owner and founder are working on new things now.
Saturn Audio is the new venture it would seem.
just glad I did not buy their FtTH integrated amp (used) last year

I almost pulled the trigger


I know Bob Neill is a big fan of their stuff.

sad news, especially for owners
Sad to seem them go. Got to hear Blue Circle/JM Reynaud Offrande V2 combo at RMAF a while back. It was a great combo and really was one of the highlights of the show for me. Just wondering what happens to your Blue Circle gear now if any issues should come up?

Had the classic BC 2.1 pre back in the day. Solidly built and sonically blissful. Mr. Yeung knows how to design and build components, so I'm glad he's refocused his passion into the Saturn Audio line.
No affiliation but I’m a big BC fan. For the sake of clarity they didn’t go out of business, Gilbert Yeung, who IS BC, retired. Saturn audio is not a replacement , it’s a side project that he does design work for. Owners shouldn’t be worried, I heard he will continue to do repair work as long as he can.
" For the sake of clarity they didn’t go out of business "
Looks like they are out of business to me ...
Thanks! for sharing. What happens if the new saturnaudio follows the same path in a few years?

Happy Listening!
Seems like Gilbert is going to focus on design and innovation only and not the business end of Saturn. 
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No affiliation but I’m a big BC fan. For the sake of clarity they didn’t go out of business, Gilbert Yeung, who IS BC, retired. Saturn audio is not a replacement , it’s a side project that he does design work for. Owners shouldn’t be worried, I heard he will continue to do repair work as long as he can.

Actually, for clarity .... the business was permanently closed abruptly with no prior notice. Its disingenuous to say Gilbert simply retired, when that includes shutting two businesses down , his and Mystic Audio whom the owner of is also behind Saturn Audio . A company Gilbert was in with from its beginning. 

Its not retiring , personally,  to start another business one was already engaged in and shutter 2 businesses at once. Thats retiring the businesses not the owners. Your claim of repair work would also be in need of clarification as out of warranty repairs will be done by a Tech in Burlington Ont. Canada, with Gilberts blessing. The larger and more important question of IN WARRANTY work is not as clear . That is unfortunate but when one shuts a business down with a claim of retirement that fits the narrative (but not the reality) with zero information owed customers it's to be expected. His products were well received and hopefully for his and his new venture with Mystic Audios owner to create Saturn won't be affected moving forward by how poorly this closing was handled with customers yet to be realized reactions. The Saturn Audio products are well received at shows and with prospective customers so maybe just a bump in the road moving forward,  or not.
@has2be points well taken. I’m not an insider here, but know that Gilbert had thought of retiring for quite a while, and had alluded to it multiple times on the BC forum. I agree this was an abrupt end, but Gilbert retiring and the end of BC would have to coincide, unless he sold the name. Though I don’t know if there would be much interest in BC without Gilbert. Your question about in warranty repair is certainly valid, and I don’t want to respond without having a confident answer, which I don’t. At the time I posted I had heard that HE would honor repair and warranty work. You’re right, I hope BC owners get some answers.

Thank you for the respectful reply.

I am actually surprised that Gilbert was essentially a one man show for as long as he was. Not just the roller coaster economies through 3 decades, but the emotions the industry seems to bring out towards the non status quo in his time. I had a couple of his products before I went back to a complete tube based system, and also to one system. Zero complaints here for sound quality and reliability during my time with BC pieces and the new owner was elated to own them, and still does actually. I still own one of his earlier filters , BC 84 for Analog and Amplifiers . Actually does what it claims , and nothing more .

Warranty can be a real bone for the disenchanted to swing around and as has been seen before, the unrealistic and the petty have often embellished with one sided narratives using an IP address and some agenda as a weapon and a curtain to hide behind.
It’s for this reason I felt the closing was handled poorly and I hope full information is applied much sooner than later to avoid some of the eventual hear say , rumor and especially vitriol from the agenda driven types.
It’s all too common to see post’s on forums by some dolt who was not wronged, but simply didn’t get his own (usually unrealistic) way so any chance these dolts get to fill the web with negative waste to show up on searches, they do so. His products IMHO , were reliable , offered fine sound quality, fairly priced, and were all for the most part well received publicly . Realistically, I doubt there will be much need for IN warranty work with how reliable the products are and have been, but the mindset of knowing it’s there and the unknown can be problematic to many .
I’m in full agreement with you. I can clearly see why these events would be a bother to  BC owners, particularly newer ones. As much as I found his quirkiness and pursuit of staying off the beaten path appealing, I see how that wouldn’t work for many. His design approach, which seemed to be as driven by the “art” of amplifier design as engineering, was unique, but frankly too weird for most. It’s particularly unfortunate that things have ended here because his latest ($$$) designs were truly stunning, and among the best amps I’ve ever heard. But again, that same quirkiness has lead to this ending, which is not ideal. 
still available through Bob Neill at Amherst Audio
I thought I would clear up a couple of things about Blue Circle, including a couple of points made by has2be above.First off, I'm the person taking over the repairs for Blue Circle. I've known Gilbert for over 15 years and have been doing repairs for him all that time. The warranty situation according to Gilbert is on a case by case basis. If you have warranty concerns I can pass them along.
 I am in Hamilton, Ontario, not Burlington (close but not quite).
Secondly, Gilbert did not close two businesses. He was not an owner of Mystic Audio. The two were related though, as Mystic was one of the first dealers for Blue Circle. The reasons behind the sudden closure are confidential, but the reasoning was sound, so please try not to be too critical of the decision. Thirdly, Gilbert is not an owner of Saturn, he is only one of their designers.If you have any questions about servicing I can be reached at the email available on this site, or through my other email on my  Please be aware, that I will only answer service and parts related questions. Questions about performance or "how's it sound" or will it match this or that will be disregarded.
I own and still use one of his BC power conditioners. It does what it’s intended, and quite well for that matter. 

Well. I wish the best of luck to Gilbert in all future endeavors.