Blue Circle amp with TSM

I got the Merlin TSM last month and feed it with my 300B PP amp with 22W. I feel that the 22W was under power for my Merlin after listening for this period. Thinking of replacing it with the BC22, which I am using the BC21 pre now. Any comments or other amp that suit the TSM best.Regards.
I recommend the Blue Circle amp as I have head from other audiphiles whose ears I trust that the combo is quite impressive. I also recommend the Plinius 8200P or a used Sa100. The TSM can be a great sounding speaker and is very easy to set up in a room.
If you get the BC22 also pick up the BC95 interconnects to connect the amp to the BC21. They all go together wonderfully.
Thanks guys. Just got the info that the new BC22mkII is on the way. Best of all, no increase in prices. How about a tube amp with 30W to 60W output?
Well, how about the Blue Circle BC24? Tube warmth and the gusto to let you "shake what yer mama gave ya"! Also a very nice match with your BC21.
I've been using the BC21/BC22 combo with ProAc 1SCs for almost a year now and love the match. Good power, huge soundstage, enough detail for me and nice warmth. Tube rolling the BC21 with some WWII NOS 6SN7s has worked wonders for this set up.

Gilbert told me at this past CES that the guy from Audio Note bought up all the remaining "good" 6SN7s. I didn't ask him if that was the reason the new BC21.1 now uses two 6922s.

The BC24 and BC28 both have my curiosity.
I just got an audition at my place with the BC22 loan from my local dealer. The amp do produces great music but lack of the "warm" sound compare to the tube amp. Now I'll wait for the arrival of the BC24 and see whether it suits me better. Thanks for the reply. Regards.