blue cicle 21.1 w/level1 mod vs. mapletree 4se

I have a Mccormack DNA-1 silver that I am considering either a Blue Circle 21.1 (6922 tubes) w/level 1 mod or a Mapletree 4SE.

I am using Alon II speakers and Jolida 100 cdp.

I am looking for full bodied sound as I call it, silky warm mids, airy highs but not bright in your face, and solid bass that you can feel when the music calls for it.
wow does anyone have experience with Blue circle gear? They rarely come up for sale...
Mck with the platinum upgrade would be the no brained IMHO. Many years ago I owned a BC and had nothing but trouble YMMV.
I am actually getting the silver upgrade with a few added features included soft-fast recovery diodes and IEC power connect upgrades recommended by Kris that will make it better than a gold.

What BC product did you own that you had problems with>?
The Blue Circle 21.1 preamp has been around for some time I'm surprised there haven't been many members chiming in to help. I checked the archives and saw some positive thoughts on the Blue Circle 21.1 but none with the Blue Circle 21.1 Level 1 mod. Maybe some other forums may be helpful to you.

Let us know what you think about the McCormack once all the mods are done.
I already cannot wait for the amp back with all the changes, it will be six or so weeks out before I recieve. It will be an early christmas present the wife doesn't have to know about...