Blu-Tack where to Buy?

Anyone know if Blu-Tack is available at the bigger Office Depot type places?? I live near San Francisco.
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Go to Wal-mart. I bought some there in the office/school supplies section.
Office Depot and other large stores with writing supplies have a type of mastic that is very similar to BluTack, but much less expensive. I have used it and it makes an excellent substitute for about 1/3 the cost.
I picked a substitute up as well that was light blue in color and under $2.50 a pack at our local mom and pop hardware store. It doesn't stain (even old unprotected wood)and was enough to make at least 20-24 pea sized balls. If I find the package I will post the brand name.
Dekay and Sdcampbell, What are the sonic qualities of the substitute versus the original "BluTack"? Dekay, do you think the lighter color of blue affects the sonic signature? Cheers, Doug
I think the product you need is Fun*Tak. This is manufactured by DAP, the people who make all the drywall and caulk products. Fun*Tak comes in a see through blister pack, with about 1 oz. (28 grams) of material for a couple of bucks. If you need help in finding it, call the DAP help line at 1-800-DAP-TIPS. Personally I like it better than the original Blutack, I use this in my audio system as well as in my photo studio, to prop up impossible shots. I have about 10 packages laying around at all times. Hope the info and phone number help.
I work for a British company and the technicians use Blue tack for equipment demos and preparing samples. They say the cost in England is about $1.50 US. The inflated price here is because it's beig marketed as an 'audiophile product'. Voodoo once again......
You might want to check another option: look for a Henkel product: Pritt Tak. This is what I use because Blue Tak can not be found in my country.
There is also a product called Museum Wax, for securing knick-knacks in earthquake-prone regions like CA. About 6 bucks for a half-pound jar!
thanks all, i picked up some "tac n stik" for $1.29. Its blue and it isn't tearing off the rosewood veneer of my speakers!
Doug: I never picked up the real deal to compare (though I am comparing a piece of plastic laboratory tubing), coiled flat, to Vibrapods (under my tube amp) as we speak. One thing that you DO NOT want to try under speakers is florist's clay.