Blu-Spec CD's

Anybody listening to this new media? Any actual reviews published? Only about 60 titles are now available. The one I am waiting for is Miles/Blue, which is coming in August. Pricing is 35 to 50 a pop, 25 in japan. Since I have Blue in many media forms, and many different issues I should be able to check out the plus/minus of the form. Some say it is a gimick to just re-cycle the catalog
only 60 titles? they are made in limited runs, so they are introduced and deleted daily. I'm over 50 titles already and love them....more on the way... is it recycling, it for everyone? the materials and manufacturing used in software developement influence the quality?....yes.
I already have Kind of Blue on blu-spec. So, I'm not why you have to wait until August unless, as Jaybo indicates, they only produced a limited run.
Kind of Blue not only sounds good the label is absolutly beautiful.6 eye Columbia,Red and Chrome,detailed.Stunning..My SACD of KOB is warmer sounding.JD
Blu-spec KOB released 12/24/2008, now OOP. Some US suppliers may have them in stock though.