Blu ray with good Redbook specs?

I have a Pioneer 45A universal player that I use for regular Cd's. I am looking for a blu Ray player (I only watch movies with 2 ch audio) which has good redbook ability. The Oppo's have good reviews but many say they lack in the redbook department. I'm wondering if I should just get a basic Panasonic Blue-Ray and keep the Pionner for Cd playback. Comments please
If you want the best, check out my Denon DVDA1 blu-ray universal player at auction!
I have another in my reference system - awesome Redbook.
Gfroman: I don't think you can push your own stuff in the forum.
Anyway, the Oppo 83 SE is for using the Oppo as a Cd player.
There are several well regarded companies modding the Oppo 83 SE for that very purpose of providing high quality two channel (or multi-channel) audio. Check out ModWright, EVS, and RAM. Prices for two of those mods are quite reasonable ranging from $950 to $1,435 when you supply the player, and the other goes up to $3,295. Of course, the ultimate "mod" to the 83 SE will be Ayre's DX-5 at about $10K.
The Pioneer Elite BDP-09 is an excellent Redbook CD player, easily equal to or surpassing well-regarded standalone CD players of its list price. Its Blu-ray is unsurpassed and its Redbook sound via 2ch analog out is better than the NAD M55 and M5 players which easily defeat any challenge from the Oppo SE, plus I prefer it to a friend's transport-driven Bryston DAC. Out of the box new, the BDP-09 is sonically convincing but it audibly improves during the first month or so of use. It's CD sound is meaty and vivid in the midrange, smooth and defined on top with excellent transient definition, and bass is extended and powerful. The BDP-09's build quality is beyond reproach, and it uses a recorder transport that's both robust and reduces read errors.

This is not a universal player. For that, the Marantz UD9004 is the best of its type now, though it costs more than twice the BDP-09. The 9004 does have outstanding SACD and DVD-A along with Redbook sound that is marginally better than the BDP-09. The BDP-09 has slightly better Blu-ray visual performance.

Arguably, the sweet spot price-wise for Redbook CD from a Blu-ray player is the Oppo 83SE Nuforce Edition. But if you want good Redbook CD sound from a Blu-ray player, the best deal in the hundreds is the Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD, quite good, stock.

If I hook the player up to my Elite receiver via Optical out, the receiver will do the A/D conversion. So, would I see much of a difference with a less costly Blu Ray player if I was only using the CD portion as a transport?
First, I think you will likely prefer 2ch analog out into analog inputs of your Elite receiver for listening to Redbook CD, over optical out to the receiver, if using a BDP-09. The BDP-09 DACs are excellent, as is the analog audio output section. If you do just use the disc player as a transport, then much of what makes the BDP-09 cost $2300 will be wasted. A BDP-23fd would be fine. However, the edge that the BDP-09 has as a transport is its low-error recorder transport mechanism.