Blu ray upgrade?

Consider me confused. All the new formats make my head spin. Haven't been keeping up so have questions.

Current receiver (Denon 2802) does not decode new formats but does have 5.1 analog inputs. If I buy a BR player (Oppo 93) with 7.1 analog output will I hear a significant difference with Blu Ray movies/concerts in sound quality from my current 5.1DD? What differences should I expect.
I find Blueray offers much superior picture quality to DVD.

If you are thinking of getting a BR player, it would make sense to go the route you are thinking - I'm not sure the sound will be substantially better, but it certainly won't be worse. I've notice it tends to be more dynamic on movies, but I can't say it's night and day, by and means.

Again, the real benefit is picture quality.
My Oppo 95 manual (it has 7.1 analog outputs too) says if you have a 5.1 receiver do not connect the SBL or SBR which stands for surround back left and right.

I'm not familiar with multichannel sound quality but the Oppo 93 is supposed to be really good for its price so you should hear some improvement. Crutchfield was offering a 60 day trial period last time I checked so you can judge for yourself.

What kind of player are you using now? Maybe someone can give you a more definitive answer.
I have tested dolby digital 5.1 vs DTS Master Audio 5.1 on my Denon gear, just to see what the difference was between standard and high definition video. Note that all audio was transmitted via HDMI cable, so this is not a test using the analog outputs on my Denon BluRay player, but I did notice some things: high-definition sound is more detailed, with more realistic "edge" to the high and low extremes. I also heard additional ambient detail with DTS master audio, and the soundtrack seemed more had more depth to it.
The amount of difference you would hear depends in a huge way on the soundtrack itself, who mixed it, what kind of gear the foley and musical backgrounds were originally recorded on, etc. For example, "Tree of Life" on Blu Ray vs. DVD would present a COLOSSAL difference, but other soundtracks might not.
IMO HD audio is a huge upgrade even on cheaper systems.
"IMO HD audio is a huge upgrade even on cheaper systems."

I totally agree. Lossless formats DTS-MA and Dolby TrueHD are far superior to their lossy counterparts DTS and Dolby Digital, even with 5.1 analog. More detail, more "hidden" information in the sountacks are revealed, and just an overrall fullness than with the older codecs.

Thanks to all!
Seems the upgrade will benefit both video and audio.
Will start watching for a deal on the oppo.
Yes, by buying an oppo 95.
If you insist on using analog input, then you should spend the extra $500 to buy the Oppo 95 rather than the 93. A smarter bet might be to use that extra $500 toward a new receiver that does process the lossless codecs.

Your thinking is right where mine is. Have been looking at receivers today.

Considering Denon, Onkyo, Marantz (reading on some of the older units discussed Pop of Death). Can get decent units in the $500 range. Used as a pre in 2 channel with the analogue input from the dac will there be much difference in sound between these 3 or will I be better off to continue using the ref 20 and dac for my 2 channel?
Have to have a receiver with zone 2 that will play from any source that is connected with analog and would like at least Audysee eq and auto volume control. Any recommendations?
Thanks again.
Denon/Marantz/Onkyo receiver will be no match in 2-channel for a separate pre-amp in the vast majority of cases. I built a separate 2-channel system because I was so disappointed in the 2-channel music quality coming from my Denon 3310. Consider this: an AVR is designed to do many things well, a component pre-amp is designed to do ONE thing well.
The quality of the DAC is only as good as the quality of your analog output stages, the sound still has to go thru a volume pot. If you already have a component pre, I'd keep it until you buy your AVR, that way you won't have any regrets.
Thanks for the thoughts.
My thinking was that a much newer processor with the Dac60 converting dig to anal. might match or surpass the s/q of the dac+B&K Ref 20 (h/t processor) that I use now for 2ch.

The ref20 2ch with dac60 was compared years ago to the denon 2802 +dac and I found the ref 20 combo superior. Realizing that it is mainly the vol pot I just figured the newer processor might be superior. Will have to do the comparison again.

After the newer processor and BR player will come a new pre for 2 ch.
Thanks again,