Blu-ray to RCA or Balanced

Lot of different information out there on this subject, but wanted to get some opinions. I need to pick up a new Blu-ray player as my old one finally died. I have a Pass Labs X350.5 going into a Pass Labs X1 pre-amp and it only has balanced or rca’s which are hard to find in a Blu-ray player. I don’t want to spend a lot on the player as they have never seemed to last long and just need to be updated, kind of like our phones. Can someone let me know the best route to go here? I’ve heard of hdmi extractors, are they a good route, if so, anyone know of a good one? Thanks to all! 
Do you have a DAC already? If so you should be able to use it to feed your pre from the BD player. You'll have to configure it properly. If you are using a TV, they often have 1/8" jacks you can also use to feed your pre.


Just get a Mcintosh MVP901 then you can forget about getting another one for a long time. It has Balanced outputs and also has USB inputs so you have a way in for computer audio using the 901's DAC.
If it has RCAs find a pair of Cardas XLR-RCA adapters. Ebay and Amazon has them. Cardas even makes a Clear version for $200 a pair.
Fiber optical audio out the tv to a DAC, then rca or balanced into preamp.

HDMI from Blu-Ray player to tv.

Buy a cheap Blu-Ray player they are all the same quality.

Are you broke or just a cheapskate?

Benchmark makes xlr to rca cables think the are about $34 for a single 3' cable.