Blu-Ray Sony for Redbook CD

Anyone know how these players sound on standard redbook? I see a player for less than $400 new at Best Buy.
I really would not be too concerned with sound quality on these units...WHAT YOU NEED TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT it build quality !!

These are built pretty poorly..have lots of software issues, and are a real headache! I used to sell them so I can tell you the return rate is extremely high!

Other then being very slow to load, I haven't had any problems with mine. And the sound with redbook isn't too bad. I prefer it to the Oppo 981 that I was using before it.
Lindisfarne, and anyone else that's interestd in Blu-Ray might want to hold off on getting a player for awhile and see how things "shake out"? Remember SACD? Sony certainly "pulled the plug" on that, and it looks like they may do the same thing to the "Blu-Ray" format. Anyway here's a short article about what's happening with Blu-Ray.

"Sony CEO Uncertain of Blu-ray Future
by Tom Andry — last modified November 13, 2007 06:39

If only Blu-ray had a time machine...
After the spanking Blu-ray got at the hands of HD DVD recently, Sony's CEO Sir Howard Stringer commented that the two formats are in a "stalemate" according to the Associated Press. While he doesn't cite the falling prices of HD DVD players compared to their own "budget" $400 players, he did mention that the coup HD DVD pulled by wooing Paramount into an exclusive deal as being a deciding factor in the current state of the format war.

As we have long suspected, Sony seems to have been pricing their players higher in order to give the impression of higher quality over their less expensive HD DVD rivals. Stringer mentioned in his interview that they were trying to win on "merits" though what those merits might be in an incomplete format escapes us. Stringer suggested that there was a time for a unification of the two formats in the past but blamed his predecessors for letting that opportunity slip through their fingers. But lets face it, once Sony introduces something like this (SACD anyone?) they don't "unify" anything. They just keep pushing until it dies.

With more and more dual disc players on the horizon, unification may be a moot point anyhow - at least eventually. At around $1000, dual discs are still only in the realm of those with large amounts of disposable income or the terminally impatient. At this point, there is no reason to assume that their Ethernet port (currently used exclusively by the HD DVD half of the player) will be able to be utilized for BD-Live. Wouldn't that just be a kick in the pants!

As far as we're concerned, Sony's decision to put a Blu-ray player in their Playstation 3 console is the only reason there is a format war at all. If not for that installed base (40% of which don't even realize that their PS3 has Blu-ray capability), HD DVD would have won on price alone. Consumers don't care which format wins, the just want the latest and greatest technology - and they want it cheap. HD DVD is providing that right now while the only thing that Blu-ray is providing (according to their current marketing blitz) is Disney titles. We all know that ads aimed at kids work but it seems a little low to be pushing children into begging for a $400 player. But when you're desperate…"
You guys are being sissys!

I own three Blu-ray players, already sold my first, and am on my second HD DVD player.

We all sit around this forum and argue over $20K sources and you are going to miss native 1080p video for the few (last I looked less than $500 for BOTH formats) dollar entrance fee???

Get a grip, buy these players, rent from Netflix and enjoy it NOW!

None of us know how the format 'war' will settle out, but for the price, who cares? If you are sitting on the fence, then you are wasting time! I have had both formats since they came out and have been enjoying the best video you can have routinely for well over a year. I am amazed people still argue over this! Go to Amazon and buy one and enjoy!
I have the Pioneer Blue Ray that just came out. Great on DVDs and Blue Ray not good on redbook cd's it not up to the high end quailty DVD players .I am using an Esoteric for high end for redbook and SACD. IMHO.
Sissys not! Just prudent. Why buy a player that may be defunct in matter of months. Do your SACD and DVD A players get a lot play of time? If so, you're playing a lot of CDs on them.

I suppose I should bite my lip and be quiet for if not for early adopters such as yourself many new technologies would not become common place but you called us sissys and everyone on the playground heard you. %^)

I for one have just bought an HD DVD for a very nice price. I may have come late to the game but within a few weeks I will have seen most of the HD movies that I wish to see and will be waiting for new releases. So what's the rush? Besides, I don't care that much for Sony.
I agree Kennyt! I own both Blu-ray and HD-DVD players and rent both formats via Netflix. I mean, the most expensive HD-dvd player you can get is only $500 (Toshiba XA2). How many A'goner's have a sub $500 cdp? In fact, I just bought a Toshiba A2 on Amazon for $179 with 7 free movies! HD players are AMAZING and cost is no longer a good excuse not to have one IMHO.

As to the original posters question, HD and blu-ray players are nothing special for CD playback. In fact, I believe some blu-ray players are reported not to pay CD's at all. So, I would stick to a CDP for that purpose.
OK stubby, I shouldn't have called you a sissy.... Me bad!

Cruz, My Sony BDP-S1 doesn't play CD's, which means I need to do all firmware updates via DVD, making it more costly, but the player is excellent.

I think the new A35 is the new current top dog for HD DVD, I am holding off upgrading again s the XA2 is Sooooo damn good, especially with SD DVD's!
These are good reasons to go PC audio/video. There is now a HD/Blu-ray all in one DVD drive by LG that you can mount in your PC. This unit cost $300...a no brainer in my book. You can enjoy is good! ;-)