Blu-ray music discs

New music format keeps on showing on the market. Is the Blu-ray music disc as good as 24 bit Flac files? Is that used mainly for multi-channel since I only have a 2 channel system?
check out the 'L2' blu ray disks, they are two channel and come with an SACD so you can check on the difference.
They are, indeed, also two channel but most of the content is multichannel.

Are you talking about Blu-Ray Music Discs or Blu-Spec CDs?

The Blu-Spec Cds are very good.
I am talking about Blu-Ray discs, not Blu-Spec CDs which, fundamentally, are just CDs.

I sold my cd player and bought a Linn DS player. I bought a "best of 2L/L2" 24 bit flac album and it sounds pretty good. Can I rip Blu-Ray disc because now I can only download or rip music through Linn DS player? I have a Pioneer BDP 51 blu-ray player.
Are blu-ray music cd's going to rival or surpass SACD and DVD-A?