Blu Ray connectability HDMI / Component

Hi - I've been trying to decide whether or not to make the jumpt to Blu Ray now that Denon has produced a good Blu Ray / DVD player.

I'm concerned though - my display, a Pioneer Elite Pro 610, I think, a 58" rear projection (5 years young) doesn't have an HDMI input.

Is my understanding correct that one can only see HD from these players through HDMI? If so, I'd need a new display, new receiver with switching and a new source.

If that's so, I'll stick to DVD.
To get the best picture you'll need the hdmi...and wait on the blue ray anyway, Sony is coming out with new models as is everyone else and they'll be cheaper to boot.

Go with an Oppo, great picture, and with the 980 you'll get decent sound as well.

If your tv has a DVI input like my 5 yr old Sony rear projection, you can use a hdmi-dvi cable.
You can still get an HD picture out of component, but there's the risk that at some point in the future, movie studios might start enforcing the ICT, which is a silly anti-piracy measure limiting output over component to 960x540, basically an EDTV resolution.

No movies using the ICT flag will come out until 2012, if ever.

As Rrekstad said though, if your TV has DVI you can adapt HDMI to DVI without any quality loss.*

*Well, you lose a small amount of colorspace, so you may need to make sure the Blu-ray player you buy works with DVI displays. Search on AVS to make sure.
Great answer Hudsonhawk.
We have had nothing but trouble using the DVI input with Blu-Ray and cable boxes. It either cuts off and on or the HDCP warning blocks the picture.
My display was produced just before DVI - I correctly assumed DVI would not be "the standard" but unfortunately assumed component would always be an option.

Fortunately, I'm pleased with DVD's as presented on my screen in the space I have available for HT.

Thanks for all the input,
Lots of people for the time being are getting great picture quality from Blu-Ray via component.

The restrictions are coming but not for a long time. Get the Blu-Ray, enjoy it in your current system and do your display catch-up when you need to.

There is also an interesting thing called 'HDFURY'

Google it.
My display (booklet) says it does 480p and 1080i; is "interlaced" as good as progressive? If my display does 1080 i only and I out-of-date as far as HD? Thanks,'
1080I is still very good and most people can't see the difference especially on smaller screens.