Blu-ray Battle: Marantz BD8002 vs BD7004

Has anyone compared the Marantz BD8002 against the new BD7004? I'm curious if the video processor of the BD8002 can still hold it's own.

It might be worth picking up this discontinued model purely for the picture quality. I think I can live w/o network/ethernet (BD-Live, instant updates...).
Get the BD8002. It has the REALTA processor that makes for a stunning picture. Only the new BD9004 at $6,000 has the REALTA processor, the rest of the new Marantz lineup doesn't have it. The BD8002 can be had brand new for about $1k or less. I paid $2k for mine and I still consider it a steal. Especially now becuse now if you want that same REALTA processor, you've got to fork over $6k for the new flagship model. If picture quality is what you're after, this one's a no-brainer.

I did. And for a good discount. ;-)

First impression; picture is stunning. Much more film like compared to BD7004. Right away I noticed improvement with detail, textures, color, clarity,...etc. Faster load/eject and play/FFW/FRW response also. And built like a high-end component should be (if only the tray were more rigid). Better AC input connector. Quieter too. Ethernet would be nice, also VOD. Firmware update was simple enough with CD-R, USB would make it even easier.
Congrats on your purchase. It will only get better. On some movies, your jaw will drop because the images will be so'll forget about the plot. Enjoy.

It definitely holds it's own and more with PQ compared to my limited BDP experience. Why anyone would sell this is hard to understand, unless spending much, much more. Plus they switched to the ABT VRS chip for the new model, which I'm sure is good too.

This is definitely a well designed/built BDP. I think they got it right with their first attempt and put a lot into it (like Pioneer did with the PRO-FHD1). The follow up models just don't compare except for having more inputs and bells-and-whistles. I think I can also appreciate it more with having just purchased it as compared to those who bought it when first released and now feel the need to upgrade because it's been discontinued. Anyone else out there with an older, cheaper BDP should seriously consider buying this. Who cares if it doesn't have ethernet, VOD streaming, or commercial marketing/advertising BD-Live. If you want to watch Blu-ray, this is all you need. Wait until the newer models become obsolete and then move on up again.

I enjoyed removing it from the box too, feeling the mass/weight of it told me right away it meant business, especially after the flimsy-light BD7004. It's bigger then I imagined from pictures too, extending beyond the shelf. Don't care for the new styling either, even though I'm new to Marantz.

There has been some minor functional behavior issues with a couple BD's. But Marantz Customer Support has been quick to reply/help, even wrote a firmware update. I knew going into it (buying an older model) there could be the potential for issues like this. It's a compromise. It also took some re-acclimating to the slower response times (Load, play, FFW, Skip...) coming from a computer based media-server (Apple TV). But now I have access to more titles (both BD/DVD), as well as movies in their theatrical release, not dubbed in English, and I can rent or own them, not limited to only SD with some titles, or only for rent, or own,..etc.

I've already noticed how some BD transfers exceed others. You do get lost in the picture, details, colors, especially with a plasma. If only all HD transfers were flawless.

I just bought a PS Audio AC3 Power Cord for both the BDP and the plasma. A very noticeable improvement over the stock cords. The picture has such a stillness to it now, with improved depth and clarity and that liquidity that plasma have. I plan to replace the fuse also (HiFi Tuning SilverStar). Video really responds well to power upgrades. I was even thinking about the RAM PS upgrade. I think I'll focus on a PC instead.
Update: Marantz BD800

The picture quality just got better now that I'm using a Running Springs Audio Haley Elite PC. I couldn't believe the difference from the BPT CPC. The hues are more colorful, vibrant, and saturated with more depth and texture as well. This took a week or two to really become apparent (silver wire settling in), but I suddenly noticed the change while wathcing a previously viewd Blu-ray. Nothing else had changed, yet there was a dramatic improvement with the picture (audio was immediate). I would not have believed it had I not witnessed it myself. The fact is each tweak I made to the BD8002 from the HiFi Tuning fuse, PSA AC3 power cord, WireWorld SS 5/2 HDMI cable and now the RSA Haley has made significant improvements, most notably to the picture. The BD8002 was incredible in stock form and the reason I bought it, but now it's just astonishing. What a bargain at the price I paid for it new ($800). If you want the best BD/SD picture and can live w/o internet/BD-Live do yourself a big favor and pick up a used one. No $500-$800 BDP, not even Oppo, is going to come close. I have to wonder why anyone would sell this unless it was to pay more for the top model.
Ok, I just couldn't resist saying this, but, 'I TOLD YOU SO!'

I knew you would fall in love with this player.
Sakahar, have you tried your Reimyo dac with the BD 8002 as a cd player? I'm curious as to how it would sound.