Blu Ray Audio Question

I just had a CRT TV die in my basement surround system. I replaced it with a flat panel and am thinking of adding a Blu Ray to take advantage of the HD TV.
Currently the audio responsibilities are handled by a Pioneer Elite player that plays CDs, DVD-A and SACD via an ilink to a Pioneer receiver that has the i link but lacks HDMI inputs.
I don't want to spend a lot (i.e., Oppo BD-95 levels) for the Blu Ray. I already use a 3 year oldPanasonic Blu Ray
in our main surround system and love it visually but am less impressed with it when it plays standard CD, etc.
Are there any inexpensive Blu Ray players that output a digital signal in 24/192, or do they all downsample to 16/44 >
There are several but they do so via HDMI and you say that your AVR lacks HDMI. Most of the Sonys will output 24/192 (with suitable source material) and so will some of the Yamahas.

Thanks, Kal. I called Oppo, and the BDP-93 (and up) do as well, although I was hoping to spend a bit less. Will investigate the Yamaha and Sony.