Blu-ray audio - must I have a TV?

My recently purchased multi-disc Yamaha player is connected to a hi-fi system, it's all audio, no television is involved.  My question refers to blu-ray audio discs - will I be able to see all the required information (track numbers etc etc) on the display of the Yamaha player or will some information only be available through a tv?  I am thinking of the Solti and Karajan Wagner Ring blu-ray audios; and others.

Thanks in advance
I have a DVD audio player....its very difficult if at all possible to get to the information.  Maybe it can be on the Yamaha, but its not readily available on an Ayre.
Yes, since before I could even drive I spent all my paper route and gas station money on hi fi.....  then when I could drive I bought turds with horrible sound systems to enhance the enjoyment of my home system....