Blu Ray Audio has any one tried it?

I saw Music Direct will be selling Blu Ray Audio discs. Has anyone tried them and how do they compare. I guess SACD would be the benchmark resolution level.

Blu-Ray could be better though because you can use a external DAC?

I have a few DVDA's (maybe 3) and I thought they were better then the CD versions of the Albums they were bundled with.
I have a couple of 2L blu-ray audio only disks and I have been really impressed with the sound quality. One of then has the same tracks in SACD, Redbook, and most of the Blu-ray formats and I think the Blu-ray is significantly superior and it has the option of multi channel, like SACD, that adds more options. I find that organ music really shines in surround.
Just a comment. I have hundreds of records, thousands of cassettes, thousands of CDs, DVD-As and even SACDs. Now they want us to chase higher resolution through computer audio, high res downloads and the like. It sounds like Blu-Ray Audio is next. Considering my investment in hardware and software to date, I think I've had it with new formats. If you are young and don't have a mountain of audio "stuff", then go for it. As for me, I'll be enjoying my collection of vintage audiophilia. Again, just a comment, FWIW! Sorry if that sounds like a rant.
There is no increased resolution in BD-A compared with SACD. The main justification for BD is commercial in that there is a larger market because there are so many more BD players in use. Just be attentive to the source material and the resolution of the particular disc as they range widely.
I've got a couple of BluRay discs that I play through an unmodded Oppo 95 and they sound better than cds. I think I'm going to wait and see how Sony's HiRez DSD download venture goes before I load up on a new high res format.