Blu ray and DVD-A 5.1 Remasters

I just got the 40th Anniversary Remaster of Aqualung, and the box set remaster of Wish You Were Here. Both include a spectacular remix of the 2 channel album, as well as a 5.1 remix on blu ray. I cannot decide which format I enjoy more...highly recommended for those of you who would like to hear these seminal works as close as possible to what the artists heard when the originals were mixed (the Aqualung set includes a new vinyl pressing but I dont have a turntable in my system so will just have to give a pass to that comparison...)

Anyhow, the 5.1 remixes just blow me away...lots of increased detail in stuff I know by heart, and almost as much detail I either never realized was there, or am hearing for the first time. I have a pretty extensive collection of multi channel remixes on blu ray, DVD-A and SACD and was wondering if there any of you out there that enjoy this format, and what you favorite recordings are...
Vermonter, If you are interested in selling the album, PM me.
Folks, if you want to see just how much multi-channel music there is available, visit the Google Group Surround Sound. Pay special attention to posts about The Hub - it is the internet's largest collection of surroound sound music...

I am thoroughly enjoying my multi-channel SACDs. I've got TOTO IV on right now (Rosanna, Africa, etc) in remastered multi-channel SACD over my Rotel/NAD/B&W 5.1 system and it is simply magnificent. Love multi-channel SACDs. I have a few Blu-ray concert DVDs which sound great (The Last Waltz, Chris Botti live). No DVD-As though.