blown woofer on B&W 603 S2

I've had a bad streak lately. About 4 months ago, I switched to a Dual 505 turntable with a XV-15 Pickering stylus due to problems with my other Project-1 deck. I have a B&K 2140 amp, B&K PT-3 pre-amp, and Creek OBH-8SE phone pre. My speakers were a Signets SLIIs. Well, the Signets had been played pretty hard and when I switched to the Dual a tweeter blew out right away.

I wanted to upgrade my speakers anyway, so I bought a pair of B&W 603 S2. They sound great! I was (am) happy with them. When I bought the B&Ws, I asked the dealer if I had to worry about the B&K amp blowing them. He assured me that the B&Ws would not and that it was a great a fit for the amp.

Last night I was playing a record at mid to high volume and out cuts the woofer on the left channel (same channel as the Signet). At the time, I did notice a strange smell, much like electricity, whch could have been something inside the speaker frying. The speaker itself has no visible damage on the outside, but the only sound I have is out of the tweeter.

So now I am wondering if the Dual turntable is the culprit. Is it at all possible that a turntable could spike the signal causing a speaker to blow? Maybe the B&K? I am not an engineer or audiophile so it's hard for me to troubleshoot, but I don't want this to happen again.

Fortuantely the speakers are still under warrenty but I'm bummed to be without a decent system for awhile.
Blowing speakers twice in the same channel, it couldn't be the Dual. The amplifier is the culprit, it is leaking dc into the speaker tap on that channel. The amplifier has enough power to drive the speakers, but if something is amiss in the circuit, blowing speakers will result.
Thanks Goroi. Sounds like I'm going to take a hit on the warrenty, since it's likely damaged due to other equipment.