Blown speaker, stupid move?

I’m newly configuring a system. Yesterday, I finally received the last of the pieces, preamp and cables. But without realizing it initially, UPS had damaged the preamp, such that it didn’t work. Now, I had not yet heard either speaker or amp, and I was anxious to try and troubleshoot the whole thing. So I plugged in TV out, thinking that the TV volume might have controlled gain. And the thing blared. I did it twice. About two, three seconds, each time. Although I know it’s tough to say, I’m curious for the responses: What do you think are the chances that such a move blew my tweeter or other speakers?
Some good responses here:
Tweeters don't usually blow, they can handle very high power. Its the voice coil, that is most affected by clipped signals. Play something with some upper range piano music and if its distorted at med to high volume then you've blown them. If it sounds nice and clear you should be fine.

Matt M
Thanks Matt, thanks JMc. I am comforted by the likely remote possibility. That was a great discussion at that link as well. Separately someone gave me the link for a great craftsman, should the ultimate (or future) need arise.

I found it somewhat humorous that the other post's author also liberally used the word "stupid". Ha! We're not all that different, all of us.

I won't get the opportunity to listen to them yet for perhaps another couple of weeks as I need to sort out/replace the preamp situation. And when that times comes, until I can tune my new ear with music, I see some great resources for various pink noise generators, and the like.

Thanks again! This group has been an amazing resource. And I think I've gone from kindergarten to graduate in a short number of days/weeks!

And btw, travel in both woofer and midrange seems smooth. (Tweeter way to small for me to try it.) 
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I tried a TV once trying to run a tube amp through it.
Correction--Fried a TV once.
David, funny. Ebm, you were the one who said in the other post that "your speakers are trashed" right?
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ebm made a similar juvenile comment on my thread as well. Curious, I glanced at his posting history ... looks like a trend.
I had remembered seeing that, and it struck me funny on your post. Then I saw the memorex version appear here. Indeed.

Hey guys...If ebm ever makes a worthwhile post that actually contributes something, let me know OK?  But I won't hold my breath.
"If ebm ever makes a worthwhile post that actually contributes something, let me know OK?"

Comic relief? Makes me laugh, sometimes.......
+1 Paraneer

Jamnesta, when every crack or comment he makes is at another person's expense it is tiresome, not funny. Don't ever dare to make a crack at HIS expense though. There will be screaming and name calling. It is really about the only time I find him to be funny, when he is acting like a little girl that got her hair pulled. He really is one of those people that it would not bother me a bit if he just went away...permanently. As Paraneer states, his contributions here in thousands of posts is essentially nothing.

Donzi and Arafiq, the best way to deal with him is to understand who and what he is. Ignore his postings as much as possible and don't feed the troll. Keep us posted on whether you damaged your speakers or not. Hopefully they are ok.
Striving for some levity, it doesn't deserve this much attention......if you know what I mean.